Mayme Bledsoe

Mayme Webb-Bledsoe is a veteran of Durham grassroots work who plans and implements community-based strategies through an empowerment model. Mayme is a Technology of Participation (ToP) qualified trainer, and she provides support and technical assistance to community partners, non-profits, local government, civic groups and the private sector in six Southwest Central Durham neighborhoods through the Quality-of-Life Project.

She is the Assistant Vice-President and Director of the Duke Durham Neighborhood Partnership and Community Development for the Office of Durham Community Affairs. Mayme holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UNC-Charlotte and a Master of Science in Higher Education from Iowa State University, with a concentration in Organizational Development. Mayme is a Samuel DuBois Cook Society Community Betterment Award recipient, in recognition of her outstanding service to the community. In 2018, she was recognized as the first Civic Change Champion for Paul and Joyce Aicher leadership in Democracy Award.