Tamara Bynum

Tamara Bynum is a Durham-based attorney and real estate broker who joined the UDI Board of Directors in 2015. Ms. Bynum grew up in a constantly traveling military family and gained a wonderful knowledge of many places, lifestyles, and cultures. But the uncertainties of living in an ever-changing environment taught her the importance of having a place to call home, and she decided to put down roots in Durham after earning a degree in Public Policy at Duke University. Ms. Bynum says, “I think about my experiences each day as I work to make Durham a better place. I truly believe in the importance of community.” This belief makes Ms. Bynum a natural fit as a member of the UDI Board of Directors. She is passionate about her work in community development, with 13 years of experience developing commercial real estate and affordable housing in and around downtown Durham. In her spare time she enjoys cooking huge meals for her family, mentoring students at her alma mater, NCCU Law, and weight lifting.